Your Love

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Artwork: The Invisible Man By Simon Pritchard

One day I looked to see above
And felt descending sweetest Love
And then I noticed from below
Your Love was rising in a flow

And then Your Love moved deep inside
There was nowhere for me to hide
You moved upon me like a boat
Moves circling round a castle moat

Your Love approached from far away
And only reached me just today
Yet Your Love was always here
And touched me each and every year

This love I knew when I was born
Your love I knew when I was torn
From the womb into the light
And when the morning tears the night

Your Love is here since time began
But had to come in form of man
You came distracted us to see
One so beautiful so free

Narcissus looks up from the lake
And learns to give and not just take
Walking through his own reflection
While You give his heart protection

You are the Love that waits for all
That catches people as we fall
Giving each Your Sweetest kiss
You bring us to Your House of Bliss

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