You Undream The World

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I was held by the world
In a jail by the sea
But my chains you untie
When you capture me

And you undream the walls
Where you ask me to wait
You distract the guards
As we walk through the gate

And you blow me away
With the Truth of Your Heart
Where Love never ends
And You take me apart

And take me inside
Of Your Room of no size
Of no sudden lows
And no sudden highs

Where everything is
And everything clear
A carpet of bliss
And nothing to fear

And you draw in the night
Lke a fish on a line
And throw back the sun
Where it swims with a shine

To the shore of a longing
That goes on and on
And is met by the waves of a sorrow soon gone

And the lie of the land
Lays down in your Heart
Where Truth is the rule
The mind cannot start

Your kiss is a movement
To marry all things
To loop all the fingers with
Star studded rings

To translate all beings
Into the Light
Consumed by Your Love
Diffuse in The Bright

Once held in the world
In a jail by the sea
When you capture us there
And break our hearts free

And undream the walls
Where you ask us to wait
While you carry our hearts
In bliss through Your gate

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