You Met Me At The End

/ / Simon's Poems for Adi Da

You met me at the end
You meet me at the start
You met me in my mind
You met me in the heart
The journey was all over
When it had just begun
You were always Many
While I was always One

You tricked me into Happiness
You birthed me into death
You breathed my life and lived me
You took away my breath
You hunted me like creatures
That don’t know how to leap
And when I leapt into Your Heart
Nothing could I keep

You are the world I move upon
You took away my world
You straightened out my hair
And then you made it curled
You walked upon my dreams
And squashed them in the sand
You drowned me in Your ocean
And then gave me Your Hand

You took the troubles from me
And stuffed them down my throat
You drifted me to harbour
And then capsized my boat
You walked me to the hospital
And took out every thorn
And placed me in my mother’s tomb
So I was never born

You wrecked my chance of satisfaction
Led me to the Light
You put me in a darkened room
I couldn’t see to fight
You broke through my defences
You drilled into the wall
You climbed me up a ladder
And then you let me fall

I had hopes of victory
You took away my gun
You went to war inside me
Until I was no one
Your love crept up like water
Far above my head
The damn of loss You broke
And all my tears you shed

You loved me like no other
You stripped me of concern
You turned me inside out
You taught me not to learn
You beat me in the race
You tripped me on the track
And just to make me faster
You climbed upon my back

You are my Guru Adi Da
I bow down at Your Feet
I sit inside Your Heart
Now You took away my seat

You were the Love I waited for
I knew You had to come
Shining through the darkness
Our Lord The Midnight Sun

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