You Lifted Me Up Gently

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I was the broken man
I’d split myself in two
One half wasn’t right
The other wasn’t true

I came to You in need
I saw You had no fear
I felt a Love so powerful
I ventured to come near

You lifted me up gently
You placed me in Your Heart
You told me I should put the horse before the creaking cart

And then You loved me slowly
And then You loved me fast
You took away my future
You took away my past

You took away my world
You took my carpet too
You took away the ground
I’d crawled on to reach You

You took away the fear
You took away the frown
You took away my clothes
And offered me your gown

You took away beliefs
You took away the earth
You took away the heaven
You took away my birth

You left me with nothing Lord
Just the kindest kiss
A touch that makes me whole
And Your Eternal Bliss

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