Q & A with Simon – What themes do you pursue?

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I paint Goddesses, breasts, beasts of earth, sky and ocean, vaginas and flowers, and a love invisible.

I paint the rhythms of cruelty, the sighing of the sea, unspeakable pain transfigured into bliss, and a sky of longing that stretches to infinity.

The canvas sings a mantra, my paintbrush chants her Name, the One Divine Woman behind every woman, to call her to my side, to tell her to lie down, controlling her with pleasure, she penetrates my heart.

Her Shakti like a waterfall dissolving all my mind. I paint her pussy ’til there’s no ‘me’ left to find. I paint the fictional people, their names all left behind. I paint the Heart of all, Saints, Angels and their kind.

I paint the Holy Madness, the blackness of the night, the joys of our deliverance, translating into Light. I paint the life in death, and paint the death in life, the sharpening of the spoon, the blunting of the knife.

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