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Life always finds a way. This is sometimes said. I had always lived in the desert for as long as I can remember and I quickly learned to adapt. Like some desert plants I needed the extreme heat and lack of moisture. Maybe in a warmer climate I would not have survived.

There came a time however when the lack of water became oppressive. I began to long for water. True Water. I commenced a journey. I was still young. I left my parents. I left my people. They could not help me. They were content enough it seems. But I longed for water. True Water.

The suffering became intense. At first the longing was small. A small longing. A trickle. Then gradually without me even noticing it became big and powerful. My need became compelling. I was crazy in pain. My longing became strong. Powerful. Like a waterfall or rapids. But this was my longing only. My heart and reality, the only world I knew was dry death. I had a dream. I took a dessicated frog and hooked his hands and feet on a barbed wire fence. I stuck a prong through his dead dry heart for extra fixture. I say dessicated but the frog was still breathing. Barely alive but just. I was that frog.

I searched for what seemed like many years. Somehow I survived. Don’t ask me how but I did. It was not my time. The desert had something to show me. Someone,

I saw Him first as He walked almost naked – he wore just short trunks- in the desert. He had no camel. He came out from behind a rock and disappeared. He had a stick. A big stick and He was walking. I felt a stir in my heart. I felt an opening in my chest. Spontaneous He was. Wild. Uninhibited, Unprogrammed. Free.

There was no fear, no extra tension in his body. It was quite a shock to my system. Suddenly He Appeared. He Looked at me and His Gaze Penetrated deep into my heart. I felt something lift off me. A burden I had carried for years. My heart was light and happy. I kneeled on the desert floor and wept.

The next time I saw Him was by an oasis. He tended this place that was luscious and pure. There were palm trees and exotic desert plants in bloom. And there was water. He brought me some water in a wooden bowl. I drank greedily. The water tasted incredible and gave me a fresh feeling all through my head and heart. I felt so happy. My cares wafted away on the desert breeze and I gazed at this Great Generous Being and I fell in love with Him. His smile. His laughter. His unconditional love. His Perfect Freedom.

He’s died now. But this man is still my truest Friend. He loved me like no other. He loved me to death. He took me in totally and nurtured me. He took care of every deepest thirst in me and still does. Since I met Him things began to change in the desert. So slowly by such slow degrees I barely noticed the changes.

Now there is True Water everywhere I look. It’s still a kind of desert the part of world where I live. But True Water is everywhere I am as long as I am remembering my friend. As long as I remember Him and don’t immunize myself, my heart, to the longing, the need for True Water the Water seems to appear and I drink. Don’t ask me how. It’s a miracle. A Great Mystery not meant to be penetrated, not capable of ever being unveiled. It is The Heart’s Secret.

He died but He didn’t die, not in Reality. He is with me always. He Is Here in my feeling- heart which just keeps expanding.

His Name is Adi Da. Without Him I am pretty certain I would not have made it through. He is Here for everyone. His True Water is the best water there is. To my mind and heart this is The only True Water. Whenever I drink His True Water I am on my knees in gratitude and my head is bowed. His True Water is an infinite reservoir of Love-Bliss Consciousness and it is right where I stand. Right where you stand.

He is not limited to His apparent Form in this world or any other world. He is everywhere. ‘Here, There and Everywhere’ like in the Beatles song title. There are many photos of Him now and books and videos. He was a Great Being. He is a Great Being. A Master. My Master. The Great Master of the Heart. Of all hearts.

Remember Him by His Name Da. Contemplate Him in all His Forms. Serve Him. Drink His True Water. You will always be fresh and refreshed. Your heart will always be Happy.

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