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Artist: Simon Pritchard. Painting: My Mother Rowing Home On Streams Of True Water

Beloved Adi Da Samraj is so cool and funny. Finds all kinds of ways to reflect to me when I am getting a little uptight. Always straightening me out.

A devotee in Asia Pacific was messaging me this morning about buying a painting and asked about leelas and my experience of being suppressed as some devotees where she lives want to form a leelas guild.

Well it kind of got me going and before I knew it I was telling my sad story same ole same ole

Then exactly at that moment a person who is not a formal devotee messages me, a woman friend of his had a dream last night a man was in the dream he called her by the name True Water. He wants to know is this possibly anything to do with Beloved. Did Beloved ever talk about True Water

I tell him that when Jeff and I ran the global mission from Los Angeles circa year 2000 Beloved sent us a message that He wanted devotees to spread a ‘secret’ message across the world, one on one, heart to heart, in heart intimacy, whispering it even in peoples’ ears.

The message was ‘there is only the Radiant True Water of Consciousness Itself’

Well one of the woman devotees who lived with us tested it out. She was buying shoes in a shoe shop in the Valley. As the sales guy who she never met before helped her try on a shoe she whispered in his ear ‘there is only the Radiant True Water of Consciousness Itself’

Well the guy received the message very happily and gratefully and thanked our friend for telling him

Jeff and I sent this out as an inspirational leela to the global community. Even though it had not had direct missionary impact our friend reported it as an ecstatic meeting and joyful.

We received an angry note from someone high up in the institution telling us we were stupid and naive and this was no way to run a mission! So we stopped communicating this. Lol.

I was remembering this story and feeling firstly something like ‘Beloved’s glad I am in my fighting spirit against anti-ecstatic communication and suppression messaging my friend about it all, I’m on the right track obviously and he is subtly sending me a message of support’.

That was my immediate egoic interpretation all identified with some superior point of view and full of myself. Anti- ecstatic.

Then I felt something deeper. I felt Him whispering the message to me

‘Simon relax, drop your ‘position’, remember to be Happy. There is only the Radiant True Water of Consciousness Itself’

And I feel His soft, sweet unconditional love radiate in my heart filling me with His True Water of Bright Joy.

And ‘who’ cares then?



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