Swimming Free

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Artist: Simon Pritchard

The world is sleeping like a child
Like blankets dreams on dreams are piled
Illusions flowing through like streams
And nothing is just as it seems

The minds are caught up in a maze
Of many paths entangled ways
With no way through and no way out
Circling round and roundabout

The seeking for relief escape
To fit the hole into the shape
But nothing fits
The jigsaw missed
Some pieces hidden in their fist

And everywhere was so much trouble
People trapped inside a bubble
Starved for air
Sealed inside
Few could laugh
But many cried

The Guru penetrates the sleep
The dreams that pile up heap on heap
To waken all
To His Sea
Of blankets where the fish swim free

His rays of Love are filled with Sun
They reach to waken everyone
Touching each one one where they lie
On pillows stretching to the sky

The people’s eyes are opened wide
They watch the dream of life subside
Distracted from the forms of mind
The shadowed thoughts are left behind

Their hearts all open blossom out
Purified of fear and doubt
Remembering One who Shines so Bright
Who freed the prisoners of the night

The world awakens
From its sleep
Blissful in the Guru’s Deep
Swimming Free
Loving to Infinity

Now awake, no one dreams
And everything is as it seems
And Love-Bliss flowing there in streams
And everything just as it seems

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