The Mahasiddha Avatar Adi Da Visits Glastonbury

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Photo: Adi Da Samraj: at Glastonbury Tor (1986)

When Adi Da was in London many of us, especially newer devotees did not see him. Some devotees were invited to travel with him to places like Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey and Glastonbury, but not me! In fact we were given no indication even where Adi Da was traveling. The travel plans were kept as a closely guarded secret. Now I was no longer serving Him at The Hyde Park Hotel I was feeling a sense of being excluded, left out – separated from Him, jealous of my friends traveling with Him.

One night I had a dream. Adi Da was in an outside place, some kind of small semi-enclosed space with no roof, open to the sky above. I felt His Presence next to me though I could not see His physical body. He told me quietly and gently that He was praying for me. As He said this I felt a beautiful intimacy with Him, My heart melted. I felt completely loved by Him and knew that everything was perfect, just as it was. There was and is no dilemma. All anxiety and feeling of being separated from Him fell away. A shiver of calming wind, like a breath made of spiritual energy shivered through my body. I felt complete peace in my heart. Even as I remember this moment I can feel the same communication from His heart to mine that we are not separate, that I don’t need to seek love, as it is already Given.

Some days later a meeting was called for those of us left back in London. We were updated as to where Adi Da had traveled to and what he had been doing. I worked out that during the day just previous to my dream Adi Da had visited Glastonbury Tor, which is considered a holy hill. The Tor has a striking location in the middle of a plain called the Summerland Meadows. One theory is that the Holy Grail is here! On top of the Tor there is a roofless ruin of a church called St Michael’s Tower. We were told that Adi Da had sat for twenty minutes or so in the Tower in meditation, and then had stood on the hill intently surveying the landscape for some time, doing His Spiritual Work from this high vantage point.

Some time later the video of this was released. Adi Da looks very beautiful and calm, dressed in orange with a shawl over his head and face, as he meditates in the Tower. When He looks out across the English landscape I have the sense He is working with and purifying the karmas of the people of the British Isles, meditating them.

I was and am very grateful for the lesson I received and continue to receive. Adi Da Samraj is always available to me and all His devotees in any moment we surrender our faculties to Him. In the Heart we share with Him there is and can never be any separation or distance in time or space. Any felt sense of being separate from Him is only my imagination, only my illusory mind playing tricks.

There is only Him, only Love, only the Delight of that joyous Exchange of Love with Adi Da, The God-Man, The Master of my Heart. Who is awakening all beings from the dream of experience, the dream of separation.

‘I Am With you Now As I have Always Been, and I Will Always Be With you.’

This is His Promise to All who come to Him in deepest need of The Grace that only He can Give.

When I fell in love with Adi Da and in all my life of loving Him, I am so grateful for His Love that awakens my heart, which I have observed since an early age is tending to feel hardened and shut down, obstructed by the thinking mind.

In time and over time, and in every present moment I resort to Him for real, He communicates to me that I can actively practice being love and being happy, that I don’t have to wait for the feeling to happen to me, that love is an action not a feeling.

Because of Him and His Sign I feel a tacit knowledge, a tacit certainty, that this happiness that is mine and everyone’s birthright is indestructible and my always already prior Condition. He puts me in touch with, unveils, breaks through to, penetrates, reveals, the very core of my being, the eternal being I always somehow intuited since a child is my real identity, fearless, happy and free, but I didn’t know how to, ‘get back there’ to ‘find myself’ and it was a source of profound disturbance and seeking for me.

Through His unconditional loving of me I feel restored to my ‘real’ self, the prior, happy self, that I now know was always there and will never die..

It truly is a miracle how He did and does this and how this same opportunity is known and valued by many, and available to every being in all times and places.

Adi Da calls this relationship with Him Satsang – to live in the company of Truth.

This Gift of Satsang is what attracted me to Adi Da’s Message and Being. From the moment I first understood what Adi Da was offering I knew this was the one thing ‘giving up’ my conventional life for, because it is not separate from ‘me’ or anyone or anything. The Guru Principle – this Satsang is Eternal and the one ‘thing’ I know that is completely dependable and trustable.

As long as I continue to surrender to what and who I know in my heart to be the Truth of Existence ‘my’ Happiness is guaranteed. That Truth of Existence that Beloved Adi Da Reveals to me in every moment that I turn the faculties of body, mind, attention and breath to Him, is what I recognize to be Love, Real Love, unconditional and Free

Adi Da Samraj prepared me and all devotees for the Event of His death, He told us how it will be, and in my experience it is just as He Says:

‘In the Event of My Bodily Passing, there will be no loss, no diminishment whatsoever — because you all, having practiced rightly in My Company as long as This bodily (human) Form Lived, will have been Invested in Me As I Am.

Then, as I Said, This Body Dies — and, therefore, the natural sorrow comes. And, then, you will feel Me, and you will probably even do some laughing at the “joke” of My Withdrawal of This Appearance. And, yet, I did not disappear. You will feel Me all over the place — just as I was Revealed before. Exactly the same. No loss, no separation, no “gone by”.

So you will go from a kind of mourning not only to an acceptance but to a restoration of Communion with Me. And you will get on with it, and that is it. Hmm? Tcha.

I Love you now. I will Love you then. I Loved you before. That Is How I Got to here.

And, yes, you should tell all the Leelas of My Loving you. But the Purpose of My Divine Avataric Appearance here was to get you to love Me — not for you to command or demand My Attention to you, but for you to come to the point of practicing your love of Me, your conforming to Me. That way I will Go On forever.

And the time after My Divine Avataric Lifetime will not be the time of My absence (because My bodily human Form is not here) — but, rather, the time after My Divine Avataric Lifetime will be the Eternal Time of My Omni-Presence, My Always Being Present. I will not be physically Present in bodily (human) Form — but, nevertheless, I Am the Same Person.

Do you see the way I Am? You see My Manner, My Disposition, My Humor, My sometimes Sympathetic Sorrow, My Quickness, My Disposition to Intervene, My Gentleness, My Hardness, My Power-Foot, My Beauty-Foot? You see all these Qualities. These Are the Qualities of My Omni-Presence also, My Eternal Presence.

So I am Exhibiting My Eternal Personality to you, by Showing It, in some basic terms, in your likeness, through a human Form. But, in those days of My physical Passing, This Same Personality will be experienced by you, in your bodily (human) form or in the bodily (human) form of My any devotee.

My devotees will Find Me. My devotees will be Experiencing Me in this fashion, remarkably. But, as now, you do not have to wait till the Passing of This bodily (human) Form to have it be so. It is so right now.

Devotees who are not at the moment in My physical Company Experience Me just this way. So why not at the time of My physical Passing?

I Am Who I Am, the Very Person. Therefore, by All I Do, by All My Appearance here, I Am Showing you the Qualities of the Divine Person.

All kinds of experiences have been reported during all these years — in My physical Company, but also outside My physical Company. And that is the way it will always be. These are all the ways, in My Omni-Presence, that I Indicate to you that I Am Present here. And they will continue after My physical Lifetime. I will Be Present exactly as I Am now.’

(Quote by Avatar Adi Da Samraj, Copyright 2016 ASA)

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