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In the middle afternoon of New Year’s Eve Beloved Adi Da called the male retreatants to have a dance party in the Village square (where were the women? I can’t remember!). It was a time of Celebration and so we were not on our usual ‘no alcohol, no cigarettes’ discipline! We had a stack of Fiji bitters, cigarettes and a sound system blaring out tracks like Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher and Higher, My Sweet Lord and Billie Jean

There were only a handful of male retreatants and everyone else was busy doing something else. It was extremely hot in the afternoon out in the open, just a handful of guys, and we were finding it hard to get loose! I personally remember feeling self-conscious and dull! Adi Da sent a message at some point to us – (although He was in His house, on another part of the Island, and therefore had no way of seeing us) He had His attention on us and as many devotees will testify He has extraordinary powers and always feels and knows what is happening with His devotees – He is not separate.

His message was that we were not getting down to it, not getting ecstatic and loose, He said maybe He should send some Fijians over to show us how to party. He said we were ‘uptight whities’ and that our arseholes were so tight that ‘if we put a piece of coal up your arsehole, it would come out as a diamond’. Adi Da’s Humour helped us get looser and forget ourselves in His Love and Perfect Freedom. Soon we were dancing ecstatically, unreasonably happy!

Later in the night there was more dancing with all the residents of the island and the women retreatants too. We heard that Adi Da might come and join us for a dance, which was very exciting. It was now quite dark when He arrived.

We made space for Him and formed a circle all around Him. The moon was bright overhead. Beloved Adi Da danced like noone I had ever seen before – the opposite of conventional ‘cool’ dancing. He danced with no self-consciousness, ecstatic dancing under the moon, His Body forming poses reminiscent to me of photos of statues of Shiva Nataraja, the Lord of the Dance.

Beloved made small movements, slow and purposeful, each movement was sublime and thrilling to the hearts of those of us witnessing this demonstration of unfettered Joy and Happiness and Love. We became mindlessly happy, unreasonably happy, self-forgotten in His Love-Bliss, this I remember.

I will never forget the sight of God fully incarnated in His bodily (human) Form dancing under the moon, surrounded by His lovers, in heart-broken ecstasy, dancing for Love, dancing for Joy

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