The Escape (Adi Da Samrajashram, Fiji – 1995)

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Artist: Simon Pritchard. Painting: Lord Of All The Worlds

Trapped inside a dream
Where there was no sun
No way to escape
Nowhere left to run

You reached behind my mind for me
And held me in Your Heart
You Opened up Your Form to me
The prison fell apart

You Said ‘Simon cling to Me’
You Showed me to the Door
You turned the handle for me
And took away the floor

You stripped away the ceiling
Broke every prison bar
You whisked me on Your Journey
Took me wide and far

You brought me to Your Temple
Showing me Your Face
A Look of Love so Wounded
You Spilled me with You Grace

You kissed me on my lips
You slapped me on my cheek
You took me trembling in Your arms
Until I couldn’t speak

‘I know that You are God, my Lord’
I whispered in Your ear
You held me tighter to You
Dissolving all my fear

The veils of separation
Fell dancing to the ground
The hush of One Heart beating
Was the only Sound

Your Love was moving through me
You Drew me down and deep
Into Your Well of Happiness
Where even demons sleep

I fell into Your Arms Lord
Like a ray that meets the Sun
And I’ve no way to escape
And I’ve nowhere left to run



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