Verily It Is The Horse Of The Dawn

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Painting by Simon Pritchard: ‘A Horse In The Wild Is Always Already The Case’   (title-Adi Da)


I was walking in the world
And I drank the Sun
And the world unfurled
And the rays were gone

And the mind dissolved
And the cage was freed
And the lion escaped
And the people fleed

To the ocean shore
But there was no boat
And a ship came by
But it would not float

So they fell to their knees
And they prayed and prayed
And the lion ran where the children played

And it ran to the sea on the sand
On the shore
And it started to growl and it started to roar

And the fear grew big
And the terror grew
And the sky drew dark
Where the vultures flew

And soon there was just black despair
In the eyes of the people everywhere

But there came a Horse
And the Horse was white
Galloping through the atrocious night

And it bore all the people up on high
And flew them through the darkened sky

To a place of love and a land of bliss
And they live there now in the heart
Of a kiss

Verily it is the Horse of The Dawn
With eyes as gold as the ears of corn
And He Rides to you
With a leaping Heart
And He Stands as you
Where you stood apart

And He calls to you from high above
And He takes you in
Like a hand in glove

And He wakes you up
And the dream is gone
‘Til you ride in bliss and on and on

Or you walk in the world
Where you drink the sun
Til the world unfurls
And the rays are gone

And the mind dissolves
And the cage is freed
And the lion escapes
And the people fleed

To the ocean shore
But there is no boat
And a ship comes by but it does not float

The Grace Is Here
It’s never gone
We choose the Horse
When we drink the Sun
Which burns our mind
Through and through
‘Til The Dawn Horse comes
To our rescue

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