The Dawn Horse

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Painting: The Dawn Horse by Simon Pritchard


Verily You are the Horse of The Dawn
Not One who dies, not One to be born

Your Head is all worlds that spin in Your Light
Your Legs are the galloping prayer through the night

Your Back is the power supporting all Being
Your Eyes are the gleam in Your Fire of All Seeing

Your Tail is Your Form To which we hold strong
Your Heart is the Joy to which we belong

Your Mane is the Blaze of the bliss of the ride
Your Hooves are the steps to Infinite-Wide

Your Mouth is the entrance to Bright Holy Truth
All bondage undone by the bite of Your Tooth

Your Belly is pregnant with days that are fresh
Your nostrils flare open and breathe away death

You ride through the sky
You ride through the sun
You ride in the hurt that wounds everyone

You ride through the earth
You ride through the sea
You ride for the blind and the ones yet to see

Your ride through the dreams
Of worlds still asleep
Awaken the hearts
Of all those who weep

And as we rise up like the moon like the sun
Our Happiness signals
It’s You that has Come

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