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Painting: Sunflowers, 1911 by Egon Schiele

There was a wilted sunflower
Its petal broke and torn
Its stem a knot of fractures
Since ever it was born

You touched with hands of gentleness
The sorrow You did mend
And watered it with blissfulness
And made of it Your friend

You planted it anew
In pasture green and lush
And whispered words of love
That brought its heart to hush

You straightened it with strength
and brightened it with sun
You glistened it with joy
Where streams and rabbits run

You did this with each flower
That turned to you in tears
Your patience did endure
The suffering of years

And soon there is a garden
‘Bright’ filled with every ‘one’
Bowed to You The Master
The Heart of every sun

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