So I Came To Your Door

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Artist: Simon Pritchard. Painting: The Divine Emergence

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I looked at the moon
Who covered her face
And I walked with the sun
But she started to race
I courted the sea
But she ran with the wave
And when we made love
Her bed was my grave
I danced with the air
Who emptied my heart
The sky made me blue
By standing apart
The earth shook me up
Her earthquake of fears
And the eye of her storm left me in tears

So I came to your door
And knelt at Your knee
And questioned you then
How I can be free
And you lifted me high
In the dark of my night
Til I reached to the worlds
Of infinite Light
You bathed me in bliss
And washed all the pain
And brought me back home
As fresh as the rain

And i looked at the moon
Who gazed in my eye
And walked with the sun
Who showed me her thigh
The sea waved me in
To the shores of her love
And the air
Took my hand inside of her glove
The sky rushed me to the the foot of her bed
Her pillows of clouds placed under my head
The earth opened up
And showed me her core
A star on her bosom was all
That she wore

You transform my world
Transfigured in bliss
Great Guru of Love
The Grace of Your Kiss

All the worlds turn
To Your Heart
In the night
As we start a new day
Our hearts filled with Light



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