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Artist: Simon Pritchard. Painting: The Light Owl


Lost at sea Sinking fast

Holes on board Broken mast

Mind fragments World a mess

My heart flares Keen distress

Sends a signal Through the sky

Scream for help Helpless cry

Restless panic True alarm

Now You come Swift and calm

Shining beacon Through the night

Throw to me Strands of Light

Rescue me From my self

Shower me with All Your wealth

So I clamber On a star

Marvel at the Grace You Are

Loving all with Open Eyes

All revealed No disguise

Nothing is as It would seem

Awaken us From the dream

Rescue mission To mankind

Not one soul Left behind

Adi Da Shine a Light

Dawn Horse Guru Pure and white

Drift us to Your Deeper Land

Where we see And understand

On our knees Or laid prostrate

To One so Free To One so Great

Who Descends from Above

Broken Heart Consumed by Love

Sail us on Bluest ocean

Drinking Your Delightful potion

Lead us out of Reckless slaughter

Harbour us in Your True Water

Loving You Is our bliss

Locked in Your Eternal Kiss

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