Red Sitting Man (Year 2002 at The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary, Northern California, USA)

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I was there at Red Sitting Man at this incredible Darshan occasion
(sighting of the Guru) at The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary, Northern
California. I was manager of the Celebration, responsible for so many
things it was beyond intense. In the midst of the overwhelming seva
(service) demand I had to fight to make it a priority not to miss the
Darshan occasions. It was an extremely hot day. I was extremely
uncomfortable in every way. Burning up in the heat. I managed to
scramble my way to the Holy Site and sat down. Everything in me was
screaming to be somewhere else more comfortable.

Beloved Adi Da Samraj Walked and took His Place. Majestic. Silent.
Present. Like a lion. Unmoving. Unmoved. To me it seemed He was burning
up the karma of all the beings in all the universes. A renunciate on
fire appearing from the realms of Light. He Sat as though He had sat
there forever, and would never leave. And He did and He does and He
will. His Eternal Stand. He Radiated Complete and Absolute Peace and
brought all movements in me to a standstill and I forgot myself. Looking
at His Beautiful Form I was transported away from my sufferings lost in
ecstasy. When I look at this picture I receive the Transmission I did
then. Everything and anything can be endured in the intense love of
Guru, love of God. There is no dilemma. There is Only Joy. Who Exists Is He.

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