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I wake up slowly, I kneel at the canvas and crawl, I search for a meaning, I search for a light, I breathe and I wrestle with image and form, I make some marks and a few clear lines, and I smudge and distort to create some confusion, I piece it together like a puzzle unravelling, I gaze with an eye that tries to find some beauty, i think of a time when everything is already happy, and I paint fast or slow until the muse wears out my welcome, and when she is ready, and when she is pleased, she lets me down slowly, I dance until the dawn and then it’s time for sleeping. She paints in my dreams, and wakes me slowly, she calls to me softly, she dislikes me lazy, she calls me to her table, she calls me to the canvas, and then I breathe deep, breathe in the Light and then she will vanish and leave me alone, alone in the world, alone as the world, and I start once again

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