Q & A – Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

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Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

For three summer holidays when I was aged 9, 10, 11 my parents took the family to Tenby in Wales for our summer holidays, each time renting the same house in the harbour there called ‘Down Below’ – a lovely house right on the beach itself next to a small church, I ran around wild barefoot all over the town and beaches. Sometimes a big, huge, noisy bang went off, a flare – it meant there was an emergency at sea – the lifeboat men who all had regular jobs, like dentist, shopkeeper, banker etc etc would drop everything, run to the lifeboat house and get the boat ready, soon after only fifteen minutes or so the boat would go down the slip and out to sea on a rescue mission. When the noise happened I would feel great excitement, and I would wait and watch for the boat to go out.

When I was physically around Adi Da Samraj, my Guru, I would have similar feelings of great excitement, immense anticipation. A feeling of something significant happening or about to happen, a sense of being on alert. Particularly this would happen when a conch shell would be blown by a devotee, making a loud hooting noise, the signal that Adi Da Samraj, The Great Guru, The Divine Lord of All The Worlds, was on his way to us, about to arrive to Grace us with the Presence of His ‘Bright’ bodily (human) Form. It might mean that He would be arriving by car or else walking. The hairs on my neck would stand on end and my whole body would tremble with excitement

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