Just The Brightness

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Artist: Simon Pritchard. Painting: Sahaj

The eyes were closed. The heart was blind.

The world was dark and left behind.

He was divided into two. An airplane that no one flew.

The sun was hid behind a cloud.

The face was lost behind a shroud.

And darkness crawled all around.

Deaf to every hopeless sound.

His Guru came.

His Heart so pure.

His eyes shone in a sky azure.

The sun was moving in His eye.

Eternal wide. No low no high.

Time dissolving. Guru’s Glance.

His Look of Love. Eyes that dance.

And so His Guru felt his plea.

Saw him there bent on his knee.

Saw his need and hopeless face.

Filled him with His lovely Grace.

Touched his sleeping eyes and then,

The eyes once closed could see again

The opening eyes the woken heart.

The world so close once stood apart.

Division sliced in two now one.

A battle fought that now is won.

Seeing through the misted veil.

Now his heart becomes a sail.

Drifting to his Guru’s heart.

No one there to end or start.

Open eyes seeing clear.

A Love that signals end of fear.

Eyes are open.

Nothing dim.

Just the Brightness.

Only Him

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