November 3, 1999, Ruchira Da’s 60th Birthday Celebration at The Mountain Of Attention, USA

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We were at The Mountain of Attention Sanctuary, Northern California. Adi Da was there too! A Beautiful Coincidence! Later in the evening after this photograph you can see here (that was taken this very day of His Birthday!), Adi Da wanted to Celebrate with His devotees with champagne! It was very exciting waiting for Him to come to be with us at Land Bridge Pavillion. When He finally walked in through the door, He looked Radiantly Beautiful, Radiantly Happy, Beaming with Love-Bliss. We all held plastic cups with champagne in.

We toasted Him, all of us so grateful to Him for Liberating us, for Awakening our intuition of our Prior Condition, Happiness itself, and giving us a means to exercise that Happiness, to live that Happiness, through moment to moment devotional resort to Him. We celebrated all His Achievements, His Incredible and Miraculous Intervention in our lives, Him God in human Form, Here to wash the unspeakable sorrow of birth and death, the apparent separations, the apparent loss, and to raise us up High in His Love-Bliss Happiness, so we can transcend Everything in loving Him. We raised our glasses high, we cheered Him ecstatically. It was very emotional, ecstatic and Happy, and it still is that same eternal moment of Thrilled Wonder!

The Light Is On!

His Light Is On!

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