New Year’s Eve 1997/1998 – Adi Da Samrajashram

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‘The One before you now is that Uncaused Space, Self-Radiant without limit. This is why you find me Attractive, if you do. Even without knowing altogether why, this is your intuition. This is what you are responding to. This Body is a unique Signal, a unique Sign, the Doorway to Who I Am and to Realization Itself. All you need to do in any moment is relinquish all other preoccupations and Contemplate Me. Then you are in my Seat and Place, and My Realization is yours.’

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Who is that masked man?

Once I witnessed Adi Da heal a devotee who seemed to be having some kind of psychic attack and was in a state of hysteria and panic. Adi Da was gently touching and calming the devotee, speaking softly,

‘I am behind your eyes, I am the Being behind the mind’. Within a few minutes the devotee became calm as a lamb, rested in the Sweetness of His Love.

This photograph, to me, transmits that quality, all of us concentrated in Him, our seeking calmed, rested in Him, forgetting ‘self’, trusting Him, our hearts open, feeding Him with devotion and being fed by Him with His sweetest incomparable unconditional love.

Soon after this photo was taken Adi Da was counting us down to the New Year crossover. He spoke to us joyfully that being in Fiji we would be among the first to Celebrate the New Year because of the time zone we were in

Being in the human company of the God-Man we were, we always are, in His Zone of Love-Bliss, prior to time and space

Ecstatic – 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 0 ONE – we made a lot of noise on the strike of midnight, banging pots and pans, as in the tradition of His family on Long Island

Our uncontrolled, ragged frenzy of delight and joy reflected our deepest intuition and felt certainty that Adi Da, bodily present before us, born here on earth as a man, drawn here by his Love of all beings, is in His Incarnation Here, and in His Divine Emergence, already Victorious, that He has snapped the barrier within the cosmic mandala that had previously prevented the possibility of fullest seventh stage Heart Awakening.

We were mindless, Happy in unison, and the Light that He Is was Pouring through our hearts and through the space.

Later we cleared a space for Him and He danced, slow movements, every move He made, Transmitting Bliss, infusing our hearts with His Radiant Joy. A dance of pure Love under the light of the moon

Every movement He made I felt the worlds move with Him, slow dancing with the universes, and all the beings everywhere embraced and blessed, held tight to His great Heart, protected, cherished, worshipped, spun to Bliss in His Arms of Love

He surrounds His devotees with Love. In trusting Him our hearts come to rest, we become self forgetful and foolish, we grow in His Light

One of my friends once asked Adi Da: ‘What is the plan?’

‘There is no plan’, He said, ‘I Am Emerging.’

I hope this photograph transmits to you the taste of the feeling of Happiness and Love and Divine Intimacy that we all enjoyed on that ‘Bright’ Occasion, and that we can all enjoy now, tonight, and always, in our celebration of His Victory

The Well of Happiness That He Is, that is the Truth of each of us, is never gone but ‘right there where you stand.’

His Dawn Horse Vision is appearing to every one!


May 2016 be the year when the devotion of all Your devotees individually and collectively, expressed and manifested as a feast of tangible gifts, touches Your heart, activating Your all-accomplishing Siddhis that have no limits in time or space, and can change anything at all, past, present or future.

May all beings awaken to the Truth, the Love-Bliss Consciousness that You are

Ruchira Da may Your Glorious Light infill the hearts of all the beings everywhere

May Your Blissful Peaceful Love heal all the beings on mother earth and all the worlds in all the times and places

May all beings be translated into Your Divine Domain of ‘Bright’ Joy


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