My Heart Uncaged

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Artist: Simon Pritchard. Painting: The Sayer Of Truth

The door was locked.
The world was shut.
The fist was tight.
The finger cut

The sun was hid.
The flood was high.
The wing was broken couldn’t fly

Then Guru comes
He has the key
He shows me what I couldn’t see

He took my hand
His love uncurled
The painful cramp
That trapped my world
He touched my finger
With such care
The injury was never there

And where the Sun has been concealed
The Light of Truth is now revealed
He drains the flood of all it’s tears
All the sorrow, all the fears

And then he heals my broken wing
My heart uncaged begins to sing
A song of love to One Whose Kiss
Dissolves my mind in His Love-Bliss

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