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Artist: Simon Pritchard


Mind you are strong but Lord Da is stronger
Your bite is severe but His tooth is longer
Fear is the fuel that makes you so cruel
But He is the Master and you are the mule

You tried to control me But His Love’s too strong
Go back in the cupboard where you belong
I dance while you’re absent I sing and I play
And give no attention through the night and the day
To your tortuous form Your heart-numbing stare
Your net of deceit Your catch of despair

You sidle up slowly Your hand in my pocket
But now up your arsehole He sticks a rocket
So give it up now The power you wield
His combine harvester’s ploughing your field
His Siddhis are wiping the frown off your face
My Lord is the waiter shows you to your place

He waits for the worlds All beings to turn
A flame in His Fire I chant as you burn
Distracted by Him Forgetting poor you
There isn’t much mind For you to do
Your hold is decreasing I’m standing so Free
Your grip is releasing Now He’s here with me

You stumble and twitter You’re re- tweeting fast
Your blind domination’s A thing of the past
Cold tiny mind Whoever you are
You’re just an illusion You’re not going far
His Heart Is spread open Love-Ecstasy Wide
Your map is so tiny So where will you ride

Although you’ve no substance That isn’t just slime
His Light is dissolving Your grease and your grime
He’s giving me back What you took that’s mine
You’re just tasty bait That I put on my line
To catch the attention Of Ruchira Da
Now He is the Driver And you are the car

His Beauty captures my heart and my soul
He eats you for breakfast Like cheese in a roll
He’s flipping you over like fish on a grill
And chewing you over ’til He’s had His fill
He is the doctor And He is the pill
You are like salt Crushed in His mill

Swallow Him down Now You’re turning green
The sickest mind that’s ever been seen
His medicine’s like poison to you as you die
Remember His Form That Lights up the sky
I’m turning you over To Guru Divine
My Master Your keeper For Infinite Time

Mind you’re so boring No talk of the nation
I really get weary Of your conversation
And now at this bar As i sip my beer
I’m Blissful Alone You’re no longer here

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