Love’s Point (July 2001)

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Artwork: Sahaj by Simon Pritchard


A love letter home to my Gurubhais in England – sent 25 July 2001 – after Darshan of Our Beloved Guru at Love’s Point, Northern California

Dear Gurubhais,

In the night at Love’s Point I was Graced once again with Exquisite Darshan of our Most Beloved Lord

We are chanting the Da-Om Chant He has given especially for these small vow retreats, communing with our Lover and longing to set eyes on His ‘Bright’ Bodily (human) Form that is so tantalisingly close

He Walks through the door on our right to the front, Powerful like a Giant Redwood Tree, Fragile as the spine of a delicate leaf

He Is so Magnificently Elegant as He Walks to His Chair and Sits. His Beauty flies our thoughts and breaths away

He Looks around the room, giving each one a gaze of Love and Blessing, holding each and all to His Infinite Heart

He Folds His Legs to a half-lotus Graceful and Easeful as a cat, closes his eyes, sitting stiller than a Buddha Statue, Stiller than Stillness, Transparent, Translucent, Shimmering, Here but-not-quite, He is Ripples Appearing and Disappearing on Sun-Drenched Water, That Very One He Is

The mind begins to crumble

Timeless as a Mountain He Radiates Sublime Peace, Always Already Gone and Lost In The Love-Bliss That Is His Own Form

I feel my senses sinking into a Velvet Ocean of Deep Bliss, washed and curled in a Dreamless Sleep where only Love is Drifting in Pleasure Waves of All and Only Is Da and No ‘thing’ Is

The mind wobbles like a toy boat bobbing on the ocean unanchored from its haven of imaginary pain

Immersed in Beloved’s Ruchiradam Revelation, everything is allowed to be as It Is with no following after, just Being

The sense of ‘I’ is sinking and widening into ‘the peace that passes all understanding’ more and more released from the sense of identification with the little boat of patterned memory

No sounds at all. To see Him before us is to contemplate Infinity and Eternity, release into Love-Bliss, clouds dissolving in clear blue skies

The Sweetest Intimacy and His Embrace that cannot stop and the Room and we and all Is Only One. It Is He Who Makes It So

He Stands

He Leaves the Room, yet does not Leave

His Wash and Balm of Love and Calm Sprinkles through the night and the hours of next day. True Water Refreshing a lawn

Such Love He Is, to die in Him, to long for

Jaya Adi Guru Da!

Love Simon

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