Lord I Was Lost

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Lord I was lost and lost in the sea
and i saw that the waves will not wait for me
so i looked at the Sun and I saw your Bright Form
The One Who Is Love Eternal Unborn
And you reached for me there as I flailed in the sea
with arms flailing wildly and so helplessly

But Your rays of Pure Light they Touched in my heart
and my mind that was closed you prised it apart
You Poured Yourself in
Like honey like Sun
And all is brand new and everything One

And you drifted me paddle me to a safe shore
And you lay me down soft
until you are sure
That I Know who You Are and I Know You Are He
The Gentle Unborn
The Man Who Is Free

And now when I swim
I swim helplessly
Helplessly lost in love
and I’m free
I’m free in this Satsang
This Good Company

And now I’m not lost and not lost in the sea
I’m lost in Your Fullness
The Love That Is Thee
And now when I swim
I swim helplessly
Loving You so
So Helpless and Free

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