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This is my dear friend Jeff’s Website.
Here you can find his amazing devotional poetry for Adi Da Samraj



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 September 7th 2015.

My friend Jeff just died.

For some of 1999 and the best of 2000
I lived with him in Los Angeles
with our girlfriends
Running the Adidam Global Mission
in a house in the Valley
and then Beverley Hills

I had no car and no money
Everywhere Jeff went I went too
I lived in his heart
And he lived in mine
I never had a man friend
so close
Before or since
A sublime year
Serving our Beloved
Forgetting ourselves in Him

I see Jeff still
Surfing with him at Malibu
Shooting to the shore
The waves of the mind
Dissolved now in contemplation of His Beloved
Afloat on the Ocean of Mercy

I see him driving sitting in half lotus on the seat of his car
With a walking stick pressing the accelerator or brake
His spine too much in pain to drive normal
Knelt now at the Beautiful Lotus Foot of His Beloved
No starts no stops
Driven in His Arms of Love

I see Jeff lying sleeping on his bed in the Valley
The giant mattress we called The Cloud
Sleeping now in a Sea of Blankets close with His Beloved
Reached beyond the Sky of Mind
Awake to Bliss

I see him walking with me on Venice Beach
Remembering the Doors
We Ride Beloved’s Storm
We eat our meal silently
Having come to a secret understanding
Walking now through the Door
Broken through to the other side
Jeff presses His Gift to Guru’s Heart
And wakes in radiant chambers

I see him with me at Ordeal Bath Lodge
In the early morning hours
We lie in the pools of His Love-Bliss
The rays of the moon reach into the hot springs
And dance
And now Jeff comes Home on Streams of True Water
The wound of Love that never heals

I see him, my devoted friend, Jeff
Writing, writing, writing for His Beloved
To the end of the night
Writing words to inspire, to motivate, a call to devotees
To stand up and fight
To be His missionaries
To champion like warriors
The Only One Who Is

And now He puts his pen down
And shuts off his computer
And looks His Beloved in the Eye
Free of the torment of the body
Free of the empty worlds

He kneels before His Beloved
He’s merged with His Beloved
His broken heart dissolves in the Heart of His Beloved

And by Sudden Grace
Jeff died and gone
Rises up in the Heart of His Loved One
Ruchira Da
Mahasiddha Guru
Enshrined in Brightness
Eternal Forever

The Free Standing Man





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