I Walked In The Dark

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Artist: Simon Pritchard. Painting: Garbage And The Goddess

I walked in the dark
Where black filled the air
My heart in the shadows
The night didn’t care

The moon wore a hood
Ashamed of it’s face
And the stars were all hid
Where the sun had no place

The sky burned to ash
And fell to it’s death
To the earth where the trees
Give their last breath

Then just at the point
Despair reigns supreme
My Guru appears
A torch in my dream

He crowns me with lights
With hands of Bright Love
And robes me in joy
That He plucks from above

I worship Him there
As he adores me
And He looks in my eyes
To show I am free

And He kisses my face
Suffused with my tears
And washes the sadness
And wounds of the years

He holds me close to Him
Absorbing my pain
I tell Him I love Him again and again

His Sweetness is soft
Like fruits on a tree
He ripens my heart
And gives His to me

He cloaks me in Brightness
The darkness it dies
He touches me eyelids
And opens my eyes

I fall at His Feet
And kiss the Bright ground
My heart filled with wonder
His Love all around

His Name Is Lord Da
To Him we must fly
Who Shines through the darkness
And lights up our sky

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