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Artist: Simon Pritchard. Drawing: The Man Of Understanding


I have three stories of Adi Da Samraj related to ‘doors’

In 1986 I was in Amsterdam when Beloved Adi Da was staying in the Adidam Centre in Prinsengracht. One time He was on an outing and I was asked to be ready to open the door for Him when He returned. As I stood there I mentally rehearsed Him coming to the door and me opening it. I imagined Him Walking in very gracefully, and maybe He would look at me! The reality was quite different, so different that the shock of it temporarily dissolved my mind.

He came charging at the door at Siddha speed, like a whirlwind, I just managed to open it for Him, and whoosh He was gone inside, running through the centre and up the stairs. I barely saw His Face. He was like the roadrunner for those of you who remember the cartoon, zipping along so fast, that He was temporarily seemingly invisible. He didn’t look at me! He was Bright, Radiant, very youthful and bursting with energy, vigour and force, like an Olympic athlete, but in the seventh stage of life! I was so surprised and I was laughing to myself because to me it was a very lovely, humorous Vision, the rug of my expectation pulled from under my feet.

In 2001 I was serving Adi Da as the cultural head of the Samrajya, the organization that serves Adi Da most intimately. One time when we were at Tat Sundaram, Adi Da’s Sanctuary in Trinidad, I was asked to stand by the door at Walk about Joy as an attendant, until He had arrived and Walked inside to work at His Photographic Art Process. Adi Da was in a fierce mood with His devotees at the time, distressed by our unresponsiveness, and I felt slightly nervous.

He Walked towards me and then past me with great purpose and focus, majestic and powerful in His stride, Beautiful to look at, not acknowledging my presence there, looking straight ahead. I felt very happy. His Intensity and Concentration Transmitted to me the unspeakable importance and significance of His Work, the profundity of His Appearance Here and the great good fortune that we have the opportunity to live this precious, mysterious and wonderful love relationship to Him in each moment.

That same year Adi Da visited the Mountain of Attention Sanctuary for the high Celebration of Da Guru Purnima. I was the manager of the Celebration, and was asked to be one of the two men to open All Eyes Gate, the Front Gate of the Sanctuary, pulling it back to let His car through, and then to stand by the side of the opened gate, as an attendant. I felt very honoured to be asked to do this.

It was a very emotional moment for me when His car came close and I dragged open one side of the large gate, (while another devotee dragged open the other side), and , then drew it back as the car carrying Adi Da drove through. He stepped out of the car, Sublimely Radiant, So Powerful and Free. I was ecstatic to see Him, thrilled in my heart. The moment for me was archetypal, and full of symbolic meaning. When I dragged back the gate it was as though I was opening my heart wide for Adi Da to enter, when I stood to the side, I felt I was making way for Him to fill the space.

It occurs to me that these are three instances when Adi Da Samraj, gave me no physical attention, despite me being in such close proximity to Him. He ignored me, and this made it easy to ignore myself, to give Him my complete feeling attention instead, no concern for self, forgetting self, simply happy. He was important, I, in my egoity, was not important. Remembering Him I forgot myself, forgot to manufacture suffering. Adi Da has said that every ‘one’, including any and all beings of prominence, are eventually levelled one way or another.

Noone maintains a position of prominence forever. The ego is cut down to size. In each of these instances I felt very humbled, unimportant and subservient. This feeling , for me, was and still is, ecstatic, liberating, refreshing and joyful. In each of those three instances there was nothing I would rather have been doing than serving Adi Da in those specific forms and contemplating Him via that service. ‘Serve Me and I will make your face happy’ He Said to me once. Beloved Adi Da kept His promise to me. He keeps it still in each moment of my serving Him. He once defined ‘service’ as sacrificing one’s refusal to share the life force with another. This is something each one of us is capable of in each and every moment. Perhaps another way of saying the same thing, is ‘to sacrifice our refusal to open the door of our heart, and instead to welcome apparent ‘others’ inside’.

Adi Da explained to devotees what it means when in the Bible it says Jesus stood at the door and knocked. He says the Guru contacts the devotee at the ajna centre just above and behind the eyes. If the devotee surrenders to the Guru, by yielding his/her separative egoic action, then the ‘ajna door’ opens and the Guru ‘comes in.’

Adi Da is sooner or later knocking on everyone’s door, yours, mine and everyone’s, regardless of race, creed, gender, age or any other demographic.

Will we choose to let Him in? If we don’t it is we who will stand outside in the cold, suffering the illusion of separation from Love. The Guru is already where there is no ‘inside’, no ‘outside’, already Home by the Fire. He is the Fire

I love this photo of Adi Da walking towards Seventh Gate, the gate to His Home and every one’s True Home.

When I see this gate whether by physical proximity or on a photograph I feel a shiver, a thrill of spiritual excitement

For me it is such a mysterious and wondrous vision. This physical door in this apparently physical world and yet it’s meaning and significance is beyond the physical, the doorway to the Divine Domain.

I see Beloved walk towards this gate, and yet He is the gate, and the One beyond

Calling each of us and every ‘one’ to walk through Seventh Gate with Him, deep into the Heart of the Love-Bliss Consciousness that He Is

To, as He says –

‘Walk’ with Him at ‘Infinity and never look back’

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