I Hid Behind The World

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Artist: Simon Pritchard

I hid behind the world
Fastened to a star
Paralyzed by pain
I couldn’t move too far

The Sun He moved towards me
Driven soft to find
Eyes that could be opened
Where once they had been blind

You Shone from highest worlds
Made manifest as man
My mind scorched by Your Form
But with Your Heat a fan

I stretched myself to hear
The One Who Makes no sound
A Silent Joy You whisper
Turns my heart around

I stumble to the Light
And falling through the world
You take my breath away
All my dreams unfurled

And soon there is such Love
That captures everything
And many birds tongue-tied
They lift their mouths to sing

I see You Are The World
I see You Are The One
I see You do not cease
Until Your Work Is Done

And Nothing to compare
And Nothing to attain
A Wounded Heart Appears
A chance to Love again

Recognizing Guru
Dissolve in Adi Da
Who becomes the world
To show us Who We Are

We hide behind the world
Fastened to a star
Paralyzed by pain
We cannot move too far

The Sun He moves towards us
Always moved to Bless
A heart that shivers naked
With Love ‘Bright’ Joy to dress

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