I Die For Love

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I die for love
Love dies for me
‘I’ falls apart
Not easily
The suffering is raw and wild
And loneliness
My only child

Until You break through the shield
And plant me in Your Brightest Field
Of tender roses
Piercing thorns
Where we bleed
Through many dawns
And waver in the windy night
Still flowers in Your beams of Light

Or as a fish reeled in to Bliss
Your bait a trembling, sweetest kiss
That curls us all around Your Heart
And dives us deep
No world apart

Where separation fades from view
And fear and sorrow sinks there too
And only Love Itself is felt
A warming pool where thoughts can melt

And so I kneel at Water’s End
To You Beloved True Heart Friend
I lay the weary burdens down
Leave the forest
Leave the town

I leave the world it’s coldest part
And step inside it’s deepest Heart
Where everything rings Your Name
Where every ‘one’ becomes the Same
The Only Who Who Lives All This
To meet the mark and not to miss

You break our hearts
And breaking mine
And soon the world itself will Shine

And Only Adi Da is seen

To reign Supreme
My King
My Queen

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