Dream – This is The Moment (2015)

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Artist: Simon Pritchard. Painting: Wigwam

Powerful dream woke me up and I immediately went downstairs and painted
for a few hours very concentrated. A short time after I finish – an hour
or so – I have already sold one of the paintings ‘The Renunciate’ to
Julie after posting it on Facebook.

I was walking in a university or something like. Not clear if I was a
visitor or belonged. I saw a tall wooden structure that workmen or some
such persons had left. Something like a tall, powerful ladder but not
quite. Somehow I found some materials of different kinds and made a
monumental art piece, something like a totem pole, though not
recognizable as such, it seemed unique, wild, beautiful, outrageous and

I saw my ‘Teacher’. I told him I had made an art piece. He glanced at it
and tells me very strongly in no uncertain terms. ‘Display it right now
right here where everyone will see it’

Well my conventional mind was saying ‘it’s not appropriate. It’s too
monumental and wild. This is a rather conventional university and this
is a conventional space. It’s too conspicuous and outrageous for this
conventional space’

But the directive from my Teacher was very clearly felt to be from a
Higher Power. I felt absolutely confident and fearless as I placed my
sculpture for everyone to see and I already knew it was a complete
success and an initiation into a new life of absolute fearlessness and
uninhibited, unselfconscious, auspicious, creative power.

Somehow I sense the dream is also connected with the ‘real life’ fire in
Northern California of recent days that burned down many friends houses,
devotees of Adi Da. I hear a message that says ‘fearlessly create, start
anew with absolute confidence and fearlessness, turn tragedy and loss
into creativity, victory and all accomplishing power. Dream and build.
Urgent, ecstatic, fearless, nothing to be lost, everything fresh,
everything new. A blank canvas. Show everyone Who He Is. Show it now.
Shine now. This is the moment. Go!

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