Dream Experience – The First Day On Earth (2010)

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Artist: Simon Pritchard. Painting: William Blake And A Mind On Fire


I had an unusual dream- experience – happening on Saturday night

The world was in view as a whole as one piece, it was just there – existing – but humdrum – two dimensional – flat

Suddenly as though from the earth’s core there was a great upheaval, an incredible pressure moving upwards and a feeling of ecstacy, like a volcano of ecstatic energy pouring upwards at great speed

and then as the energy poured out of the top of the world there was a massive release of pressure and an incredible whoosh sound

It felt as though it was simultaneously happening in my body, as though my body had become the world, and I heard myself gasp with amazement and the release of my own breath – I felt as though I had been submerged under water for a long time and was suddenly shot upwards like a rocket out of the water where I could breathe freely, at this point I felt I was awake not asleep anymore, as though the event itself had woken me up out of a dream

it felt like a whale or enormous sea creature rising to the surface of the ocean and expelling a great force of water through its blowhole

Then different species of birds flew up out of the earth, dancing in the sky, in pairs, as though emerging from Noahs ark that had survived some great natural upheaval of planet earth

They flew as though in Celebration of some Victory on earth by the Lord Adi Da Samraj and a new, vibrant sense of ecstatic freedom.

It was as though it was the first day on earth

Everything was fresh and alive, awake and happy

As though the world was born anew

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