All Was Asleep

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Artist: Simon Pritchard. Painting: Once In A Blue Moon

All was asleep
Except a bird
Began to sing
But no one heard

The bird its heart
Did pine
Did long
For everyone
To hear it’s song

But all the people were immune
To loves melody and tune
The bird sang only to himself
They caged him
Tied him to a shelf

Until one day a child
Did hear
A sound so soft
And sounding near

It was the sweetest sound he’d heard
He followed it and found the bird

And then the child he showed his friends
Where love begins and sorrow ends
He set the bird uncaged and free
For everyone to hear and see

They listened hard beyond their fear
And people were amazed to hear
A love song so Divine so pure
That their loveless heart did cure

And ecstacy filled the sky
And everyone’s hearts did fly
Wounded now but Bright and True
Their hearts in love soared and flew

The bird uncaged
Was wounded too
Injured by what he knew
How his love had been betrayed
When no one heard the sound made

But though his heart was broken still
Still he sang with stronger will
His voice rang out as though to teach
And bless all beings in His reach

His Song was filled with Love and Power
He sang and sang hour on hour
Until His Work was ended – done
And He’d Awakened everyone

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