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This page is dedicated to my spiritual teacher and Guru, Adi Da Samraj.
Adi Da is the love of my life and the apple of my eye. In my experience
He is not separate from anyone or anything, including what I call my ‘self’.

Adi Da Samraj is my only virtue. I was graced to be in Adi Da’s physical
presence on countless occasions over a period of many years during His
human lifetime. However from the first moment I experienced His
Spiritual Transmission which occurred before I had ‘met’ Him in His
bodily (human) Form, it was clear to me that He is Eternal Spirit
Presence, and always available to me and everyone if we allow ourselves
to be guided by Him. He always gave and gives me access to Consciousness
Itself. The ecstatic relationship I enjoy with Him – Satsang – is the
same Gift He offers to everyone.

As I come to know Adi Da better and better through doing the spiritual
practice He instructs me in, my life is more and more filled and
overflowed with joy, light and ‘Brightness’. This relationship with Him
is real, the Real, the foundation, the substance, the meaning and whole
purpose of my life. Over time in countless ways and via countless means,
visible and invisble, known and unknown, He reveals to me that every
‘thing’ is One, that there is no dilemma, that no objects exist, that
Who Exists Is He.

Adi Da’s sweet and unspeakably immense loving Heart touches me over and
over again since those days of heart intoxicated upliftment and bliss-filled heart
infusions in 1984 when I first had contact with Him via reading His Teaching and
watching videos of Him. My heart is moved to respond like a bird that can’t help
but sing, so I paint, write stories, chants, songs and poems that it is my great pleasure
to share with you.

The Guru is sufficient.

Beloved, have I told you lately that I love you?

Simon Pritchard – 21/09/2015








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