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Artist: Simon Pritchard. Painting: Magickal Rose


As a lover of comedy and comedians and as a sometimes comedic writer, for me the funniest person, the best comedian who ever lived was Adi Da Samraj! Noone has made or makes me laugh as much as Him. Now He has passed away in His bodily (human) Form, He Is Still Alive, very much so, and many times He still makes me laugh and chuckle.

He is such a trickster. He took many opportunities to tease me, make jokes about me. I was an easy target for Him, and he took the opportunities that were there to make fun of me. This was and is still so liberating to me, as someone who has tended to take himself too seriously. His humour was never nasty, negative or ironic. Every time he poked fun of me I felt it as a deeper Embrace of Him taking me closer into His Heart.

He always only ever surrounded me with Love, complete Love. It is this Love that I received and still can receive from Him when my practice is right and true, that has enabled and is enabling me, more and more, to relax the tight grip on myself, and be distracted beyond my sense of ‘self’ to and by Him. He many times corrected me or disciplined me, but I never felt Him judge me.

As Leonard Cohen said about his teacher, Roshi, he could never work out if his teacher deeply cared for him or deeply didn’t care for him, but that somehow in that environment of love that his teacher surrounded him with, his old ‘self’ began to wither and die.

Adi Da Samraj’s Love is like a super concentrated plant food that blossoms the hearts of his devotees.

He will ‘bind you with Love that is graceful and green as a stem’ (Leonard Cohen from ‘Sisters of Mercy’)

In 1997, on March 22, Adi Da Samraj sat at his desk on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, where He was staying, and began to write Hridaya Rosary. The moon was in full eclipse that day, the Spring equinox, and a storm blew up, with mighty winds, Winds Of Change. By March 29 He had handwritten thirteen pages on plain sheets of archival paper.

During this time He had not spoken to anyone about what He was working on or its significance. He asked a devotee to type the manuscript and return it to Him so He could work it on further. At this point the piece was untitled. Although the final manuscript was an expanded and revised form, Adi Da added the date ‘March, 29, 1997’ at the end of the final published text. No other text of His is dated in this way.

From Hriday Rosary:

Light must be brought into this darkness underground.
Do not merely climb up into the Tree.
Rather, receive the Light and Love of the Sun—down to the toes, down into the world, down into the underground. . . .
The True Sun-Beyond I Am—and Only Am.
Therefore, open to My Light—and Be Melted by Me.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

(Hridaya Rosary, copyright 2016 ASA)

Jonathan Condit, Avatar Adi Da’s senior editorial assistant, explains the meaning of ‘Hriday Rosary’:

Receiving the Tangible Spiritual Baptism
Given by the Living Divine Person

An Introduction to Hridaya Rosary
(Four Thorns Of Heart-Instruction)

Hridaya Rosary is Avatar Adi Da’s beautifully precise and exquisitely poetic description of the Spiritual process in His Company — the process that is spontaneously entered into when one is Spiritually Awakened by Him.
The title is a blending of East and West, expressing Avatar Adi Da’s embrace of the entirety of humankind

“Hridaya” is Sanskrit for “Heart”. “Rosary”, in its ancient meaning, comes from Latin “rosarium”, meaning “rose garden”. Thus, “Hridaya Rosary” is “the Rose Garden of the Heart” — the supremely Blissful Condition of being in-Filled by Avatar Adi Da’s tangible Spiritual Blessing.
In this remarkable Text, Avatar Adi Da Himself is the Rose that Fills this Garden with the Perfume of His Own Love-Bliss-Happiness. But He also makes clear that His Divine Beauty can truly be Known only when the ego is transcended.

That is the meaning of the “Thorns” to which He refers in the subtitle. “Four Thorns” is His poetic reference to the counter-egoic practice that He Gives to His devotees — the practice that makes it possible to enter into Spiritual Communion with Him.

Thus, as the Rose, Avatar Adi Da Samraj has not only brought Himself into the world, He has also brought the means by which He can be Known (or Realized).’

(Jonathan Condit, copyright 2016 ASA)

Ten months or so following from this spontaneous writing of Hridaya Rosary, this outpouring of Grace, on February 1st 1998, I was invited to attend a Gathering on Adidam Samrajashram at Samraj Mahal, the newly built, elegant and spiritually potent temple, next to Adi Da’s House, open to the ocean, which nestled close to the temple on one side, with steps leading down.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj was Sublime His face so soft and kind, suffused with Love-Bliss. A devotee, knelling before Him, showed Him some pictures they had drawn of ‘the Rose’ of Hridaya Rosary, and ‘Hridaya Rosary’ became the theme of the evening.

Beloved Adi Da told us a remarkable story of how, when He was Franklin Jones at Columbia University, he visited a rose garden nearby the Philadelphia State Mental Hospital, where he was later a chaplain when he was at Lutheran Seminary. He walked around the garden with a woman, who was the friend of a male friend of his, who was visiting the Hospital. They had travelled to Philadelphia together. As he walked around the rose garden, he became completely intoxicated He said and fell into a state of Samadhi, in Bliss. As He spoke it was as though I was there in the rose garden with Him, His Love-Blissful Transmission Melting me down, infusing my brain and body and heart with His love-Blissful Transmission, His Liquid Light of Love.

Beloved Transported us into the Ecstacy of His state just in the way He described His intoxication by the sensual overload of the roses, the visual beauty and sublime perfume.

Deirdre spoke to Beloved telling Him how when she first came to The Mountain of Attention Sanctuary, she brought Him three bouquets of roses, but was told she should not offer them to Him because He was allergic to roses.

Adi Da: ‘Oh yes? You know that story used to be put out in those days, just to deal with egos and generally test people (we were all laughing now). True devotees disregarded it entirely and brought me the roses!’

Toby mentioned how in Los Angeles devotees used to give Him real tea roses, his favourite, she said, ‘the tiny little ones, you can have them dried.’

Adi Da Spoke about how Quandra Sukhapur Rani had told Him that before she came into His Personal Company in January 1974 she used to present Him with a white rose every day at the Melrose Avenue Ashram, where she would be cleaning, at the time when He was living in Los Angeles, even sometimes while He was gathering with other devotees at the facility in the La Brea facility.

Whenever I was in Beloved’s Physical Company I was looking for opportunities to speak with Him, but in ways that were relevant to the conversation, and could have potential interest for Him. Suddenly I realized I had something I wanted to share with My Master, and I spoke up, seeing an opening for a conversation with the Lord of All the Worlds.

‘Beloved, I was a gardener once in London, years ago. When I first started my sadhana I was a gardener, and was with the manager, I was going to plant some bulbs, so he gave me a whole place which was a slope.’

Beloved made a ‘Uhmm’ sound, which always made me a bit excited, like I didn’t know how the conversation would go, if He was or would be pleased or displeased, apparently interested, or apparently bored. It was always a bit of a risk speaking up, and putting my head above the parapet! There was always the possibility of looking like a fool, being criticized, even disgraced. Still there was no going back now!

Simon: ‘I planted them in a huge ‘DA’
Adi Da: A huge whaty?
Simon: A ‘DA’ in the form of a ‘DA
Adi Da: A ‘DA’ mmmm
Simon: ‘You know, like…

Hehe Beloved had an amazing way of making me feel nervous, like keeping me on tenderhooks whether my conversation was making sense or whether I was coming across as a lunatic, or someone wide off the mark of what He would consider interesting or relevant

A woman devotee asked for clarification from me, whether it was a Sanskrit DA

Simon: ‘No, no, D A (enunciating the letters). He said I could do it in any pattern I wanted to (laughter). I was kind of ecstatic to feel that in Spring it would come out in the form of a ‘DA’.
Adi Da: Uhmm

There it was again that slightly unnerving ‘Uhmm’ from my Guru.
Simon: ‘Blossoms and flowers, and the very moment that I finished the ‘DA’ , it was the time of the Illusion of Relatedness consideration, when You were talking about the teddy bear.

Adi Da: 1986?
Simon: Yeah
Adi Da: Mmm

Simon: And one of the people I worked with came out with a huge teddy bear that he said he had found on the roof, this huge teddy bear, and I was so happy and bright, I was transported into this different world, in ecstasy of You, and I took it back in the lunchtime to the kind of hut where all the workmen, the workmen and I we all worked together, and up until that point……..

The next things Beloved Said I had the feeling He was seeing the whole scene, and was there with me, the way He Spoke so quick and funny and affectionately, picturing the scene, entering into it with me. He has this Incredible way of making one feel there is no separation between us, and anyone, just Intimacy! It’s His Unconditional Love for all beings.

The feeling of this Love keeps Shining through, and I was feeling it very strongly in these moments, and as I recall them I still feel it now, the Love, the Humour, the feeling that one is Loved and can just relax and trust Reality.

I remember Beloved Saying once that this trust is what allows one to grow. He said that one might have that feeling in the company of any being that loves you very much, one’s grandmother for example, where one is loved and not judged, and that this is a good person to be around and hang out with! And one can grow in that one’s company. Especially so then in the Guru’s Company, one’s truest Friend.

Adi Da: (wrily): All the British lower class (everyone laughs and Beloved laughs
Simon: Yeah. These British lower class men. They were extremely contracted and introverted, like at lunchtime they would never……

Beloved was on a roll now!

Adi Da: They’re all sort of gross and knobby and big knuckles and that sort of thing (I swear Beloved was picturing the scene exactly with special superconscious Vision), huge distorted faces (Beloved makes a face. Like yourself! (Beloved laughs)

Simon: And at lunchtime, no one would ever speak with eachother, everyone was so isolated in their contraction, they would just kind of grunt and read the newspaper, and grunt at eachother, and this day I had the Knee Of Listening with me, and I had the teddy bear, and I brought the teddy in.

Adi Da: And they beat the shit out of you right! (Now Beloved was rocking with laughter at His own jokes). At least it was an activity they did together!

Simon: The teddy bear felt like Your Form. Like a Murti Form, and I put it in the corner of the kind of hut, and I just sat it there

Adi Da: (wrily) And practiced the Illusion of Relatedness

Simon: The men came in and they saw the teddy bear, and they all got kind of happy, and they saw me reading The Knee Of Listening, and I showed them all the pictures of You and Nityananda, and everyone got, just for that lunch hour, it was the only time it ever happened while I was working there, everyone got happy and relational and bright. And it was You Brightening it, and it was just Relationship and Happiness.

Adi Da: Hmm. Tcha
Simon: And a magical, timeless moment. I never went back to see all the flowers all come out.
Adi Da: So you don’t know what they spelled! Beloved chuckles. That’s good so far.

Simon: Thankyou for the gift of being able to contemplate You while I am serving.
Adi Da: Tcha
Simon: I can turn that service into contemplation, because of my love for you, and be happy in doing what would otherwise be a really boring task

Adi Da: Mmm Tcha

(Copyright 2016 ASA)

When I fell in love My Guru Adi Da, thirty years ago, when I was 24, I knew He was my best ‘friend’. Ten years later He spoke with me and I became known to Him in terms of Him knowing my face, and dealing with me, communicating with me very directly.

But the feeling was in essence no different at all. I felt the same heart intimacy with Him before I met Him ‘humanly’ as before, when I first became a devotee and knew Him through His books and videos. It is a love feeling in my heart, a deep feeling of being connected at heart to Him, a blissful vibration.

It is Satsang, to be and live in the company of Truth.

He does not offer a technique, but a relationship. This relationship is, in my experience, like no other, it is unthreatened, it is eternal. Paradoxically my relationship with Adi Da eternalizes all my relationships because in time, and over time, and even now, I see that He is ‘in’ everyone. He is everyone. There is nothing and noone separate from Him

It is as though He entered my fragmented life, my fragmented mind, the divisions I experienced between mind and body and heart, the broken pieces of my world, and poured love between the cracks like cement, or glue, making a unity of the bits and pieces, fusing them into His Love-Bliss.
This relationship with Him is indestructible, free and happy, only Joy

It is beyond time and place and circumstance

It always felt, right from the beginning, and stills feels sort of mad, crazy to devote my life to Him, rather than the things the world seems to command

Like jumping off a cliff and freefalling into Him, His Form

But His Love breaks my heart, as for all devotees, and I cannot help myself. His love disarms me, renders me helpless

And His Form Is Love

‘Love, not reason, should make decisions. Decisions based on reason and not on love are karmic. Therefore, let the heart be your intelligence. The heart is unreasonable. The heart is “mad”. And the heart is the ground I Call you to walk on’ (June 1992)

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Copyright 2016 ASA

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