Bird Without A Song

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Painting: ‘Sahasrar’ by Simon Pritchard
There was a bird without a song
His night too short
His day too long
The branch he fell on was too thin
And when he flew it was within
His feathers weaved together wrong
A lonely bird without a song
He struggled hard to do his best
He kicked himself outside the nest
He flapped his wings so closed unfree
A prisoner of the leaf and tree
But one day
From some Brightest Field
A Light shone and his heart was healed
The Light through his darkness Shined
Revealed the Truth
Dissolved his mind
It is the Guru Adi Da
Transmitting Bliss to our star
Through all the planes existence wide
The Consciousness on which we ride
He Blessed the bird that did not sing
He crowned him like he is a king
Pouring Bliss through his head
And lay his heart on feathered bed
He loved this bird with love so strong
That soon this bird to sing did long
The bird fell far upon his knee
His heart now flowed in ecstasy
His throat opened on the breeze
This bird that worshipped on his knees
And sounds came through his beak
So fine
Like oceans chanting bells that chime
A joy that fills the heart with wonder
Breaking all that binds asunder
And now the bird sings his song
Through the day and all night long
Singing with a heart so free
The sweetest joyful melody
His Guru made the right from wrong
And gave this bird His sweetest song
And all the birds who could not sing
Through the night a song did ring
That moved their hearts and made them fly
The sound that led them through the sky
And when they saw the singing bird
And all the love and joy they heard
And soon they too began to sing
Their hearts lifting on the wing
They sang eternal wide and far
Ecstatic praise of Adi Da
Their singing touched the Guru’s Heart
He opened up the worlds apart
He poured Himself Deep to the core
Which filled with Bliss
For evermore

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