His Bliss-Filled Eyes Met Ours – 1988 Mountain of Attention

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An old diary entry from my first spiritual retreat at The Mountain of
Attention Sanctuary in 1988 – a few of us were doing some Guru Seva (service to the Guru)-
sweeping and moving crates around – at one of the buildings ˜Huge
Helper’, the old hotel building

I have been here a few days now and we have not seen Adi Da or had any
communications from Him. Not that I feel anything is lacking. The
atmosphere here at this beautiful sanctuary is radiant with the feeling
of His sublime spiritual presence. This afternoon I served at Huge
Helper with a few other devotees. We were cleaning and tidying, moving
things around.

Suddenly and completely unannounced and unexpectedly Adi
Da was Standing maybe twenty feet from us, completely on His Own, no one
attending Him, noone else in sight. It seems He had just Walked out of His
House and was Walking across the Sanctuary, Solitary. He turned
around and Looked at us. He held His cane next to Him and Stood firm and
strong Free Standing. His bliss-filled eyes met ours.

The feeling was of complete amazement and blissful shock.
The ego mind caught off guard, stumbling and failing to refind its balance.
It was as though I had stumbled upon by accident a powerful wild animal like
a lion in the wild.I was stopped in my tracks and could only look at Him in awe and
worship. His Majesty and Power commanded my complete attention.

Adi Da looked Free, Wild, Untamed, completely Spontaneous, Unprogrammed
by mind. He Gazed at us. He Sliced my mind off with His Look, Severed
it. I felt like the whole front of my body open up like a flower. He
peeled off my defences, my armour, like an orange peel comes off and
falls to the floor.

I felt a breeze of Happiness, a massive Shiver of
Bliss rush through me. It was a literal Spiritual Transmission from His
Heart to mine. Then He Walked away back across the Sanctuary towards His
House, so gracefully with measured steps, His left arm swinging like a
metronome as though in rhythm with all the worlds, prior to all

Since then I am in ecstasy. I cannot sleep or eat. He is a
wild, tantric Siddha-Master. How blessed, how fortunate are we to be
found by such a One as He. He Appeared from the realms of Light for the
sake of His Own, to Awaken all to His Prior Condition of Love-Bliss

As the dawn rears its head through the window of my retreat
cabin, the light of the new day rising, I write, trembling with
excitement and anticipation, with certain knowledge in the core of my
being that each and every ‘one’ of us is His Very Own, awakening to the
Truth of Who He Is, Who We Are, The Great Spirit, The Very One, The
Eternal Truth, The Life and Consciousness of all beings, the
All-Accomplishing One we call by the Name Da

photos and phototext: Copyrite 2015 ASA

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